These KAROO ACTIVE (also called “the Company“ or “the Club”) Terms and Conditions are important. Please read carefully:


1. Access Policy

1.1 Remember your membership card. Without it you will not be able to access the Club.

1.2 If you have lost your membership card, report it to supervisor on duty.

1.3 A new card will be issued at an additional charge, but remember to bring along your ID when collecting your membership card.

1.4 Your membership is for your exclusive use. Use of your card by a non- member or any other member may result in your expulsion from the Club and the termination of your membership.

1.5 All members, including children must have an access card.

1.6 If membership fees are in arrears, access will be denied to the membership cardholder & dependants.


2. Members Age Restriction

2.1 No children under the age of 14 years will be eligible for club membership.

2.2 Junior members between ages 14 and 16 years must be accompanied by a member (Parent/Legal Guardian/Coach) when training.

2.3 Junior membership will be converted to those membership packages applicable to adults when the junior turns 18 years.

2.4 Bona fide students may qualify for Student Rates on presentation of a valid Student ID.


3. May I Bring Guests?

3.1 Guests are welcome at KAROO ACTIVE, but must complete a PAR –Q and the Guest Register before accessing the club.

3.2 You must accompany your guests and will be held responsible for their conduct in the Club.

3.3 All guests will be charged a set fee to use the Club’s facility unless they are the bearer of a guest voucher.


4. Dress Code & Personal Hygiene

4.1 Wear suitable clothing at all times while exercising, remembering that you may not exercise without a top.

4.2 Cross-trainers (not “slops”) should be worn at all times while exercising.

4.3 Use a sweat towel at all times while exercising, and remember to wipe equipment immediately after use.

4.4 Replace all equipment and weights after use.

4.5 Adhere to time limits if specified on equipment.

4.6 No food, drinks or bags are allowed on the training floor.


5. Personal Belongings

5.1 Lockers are provided in the change rooms to store your belongings at your own risk while you train.

5.2 Please remember to bring your own locks and to lock your locker.

5.3 Lockers are for daily use only. Any lock left on overnight will be removed and the contents of the locker will be placed in lost property locker.

5.4 The Company will not be held responsible for any loss or theft of money loss or damage to personal property of members of their guests.

5.5 The Company will not be held responsible for any loss, theft and/or damage to vehicles or any other means of transport of members or their guests on Club premises or any parking area designed for use of members or their guests.


6. Lost Property

6.1 Lost property will be donated to charity if not collected within 14 days.

6.2 The Company does not accept responsibility for lost property or for member’s property left and/or stored in the Club.


7. Operating Hours/Access Times

Premier membership:

Monday – Fridays 06:00 – 20:00

Saturday  06:00 – 18:00

Sunday Closed


Off-peak-/Limited-/Student Membership  access times:

Monday – Fridays 9h00 – 15h00 (training session must be completed by 16h00)

Saturday 06:00 – 17h00 (training session must be completed by 18h00)


8. Getting Your Fingers Burnt

8.1 Any members may be expelled/suspended by the Company for violation of any Rule or Regulation of the Company or for any conduct which in the opinion of the Company’s management is detrimental to the welfare good order or character of the Company and the club’s members.

8.2 Unauthorised personal training is prohibited. If the Company’s management reasonably believes the member is personal training without the Company’s authorisation, both the member who is personal training and the member who is being trained may be expelled or suspended.

8.3 Any unauthorised selling of any product or service to members is strictly prohibited.

8.4 A member expelled or suspended shall forfeit all privileges of membership.


9. Contracts

9.1 The contract shall endure for the entire duration of the fixed term agreed upon at the commencement thereof.

9.2 The contract shall not be terminated by the member during the duration of the agreed fixed term unless such cancellation is done in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. Upon cancellation of the fixed term agreement prior to the expiry of the agreed fixed term, the member shall be liable for a cancellation penalty.

9.3 Any person who does not attend the facility after signing a contract shall be liable for the full payments for the duration of the contract. This shall include the remainder of any contract not completed.

9.4 Any termination of this contract should be in writing and must be delivered by fax to 0866169909.


10 General

10.1 The Company will not be held responsible for any loss, theft and/or damage to motor vehicles or any other mode of transport of members or their guests on Club premises or any parking area designated for use of members or their guests.

10.2 If it is deemed that you have willfully or negligently caused damage to the Company’s property, you will have to pay for the damage caused.

10.3 You will be held responsible for damage caused by dependants or accompanying children and/or guests.

10.4 There shall be no booking of equipment.

10.5 Smoking and/or alcohol is not permitted in the Club.

10.6 The use of any non-prescribed drugs (including steroids) is strictly prohibited in the Club.


10.8 The Company reserves the right to amend the Club Rules and Regulations from time to time and members, guests and/or occupants of the Club should please familiarize themselves with the Rules and Regulations currently in force.

10.9 The Company reserves the right to use members’ images if taken during photographic shoots of facilities or as standard photography.

10.10 Right of admission to the Club is reserved.

10.11 The utilisation of camera phones is not permitted in the club.

10.12 KAROO ACTIVE reserves the right to process outstanding debits through our banking Institution.

10.13 R50 penalty for unpaid debit orders will be charged.